Thursday, 24 September 2009


Hey all,

So I haven't written in a while due to the fact i've had a lot going on (and no internet)..I've recently moved to London it will be a month next week that i've been in the big city (back home). I love being back!! Never wanna go back to Kent!!

I've recently done a shoot for Bonafide Magazine which was amazing I did a shoot based around 1980's hip hop in NYC but I did it with my own little twist. Had two amazing models Laura from First Model Managment and Manni who was recomened to me by a friend. We shot in Pebble Dash Gallery in Dalston which was such a lovely place to shoot and a guy called Yev shot it. I luckly had the make up artist of my dreams Mrs Queenbarrows (who is like my mum) to help me on the shoot as well.

Have a sneek peak at the pictures the shoot will becoming out in Bonafides October Issue which I cannot wait to see its an amazing magazine.

I've also been keeping busy by doing Scarlet Rage (my vintage stall) which i've been doing nearly every sunday down in Brighton as well. Hopefully I'll be doing Spitalfields next Thursday so if your around come get yourself a Bargain.

Tonight I went to the famous haunt of the Hawley Arms in Camden with Andi and Thom then had dinner in my new fav restraunt Hi Sushi!!

So yea for now thats all i got hope you like the sneak peak pictures??

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Sneek Peak!!

So I did my first assisting for Matthew, which I enjoyed very much and managed to get a little bit of sun stroke..Don't ask how that can happen!! The picture above is just a sneek peak of what will be coming out in Vague Paper.

We had some great little outfits on the shoot and managed to get some great vintage dresses from my dear vintage friend and soon to be shop owner Fanny, check out her blog. Every time I go into her house its like a vintage treasure trove!!

Talk about vintage I will be doing my first major stall with Loves Vintage in Fulham on 13th of September. My mother and I did a huge vintage buying trip and came back with some REAL goodies! Which i'm excited to see what the public think! So if your free on that weekend. Come on down!! You might be able to pick up some bargains!!

Heres the link so know how to get there!!

Friday, 31 July 2009

Great little find!!

I found this on youtube and just thought it was a great little video!!

Got it goin on!!

So I know its been a while but alot has been goin on..It was my boyfriends birthday last weekend so I took him to the zoo (Howletts in Kent) which was lovely then on saturday we ventured up to London to the Macbeth as it was KOOL KIDS KLUB night on which I have say was amazing music just a shame not alot of people turned up but it was an all day affair. Plus there were many warehouse and underground parties going on!!

On sunday myself and my trusty lover (Thom) went to bricklane for a ponder, which I have to say you can see the recession has hit the indoor markets coz there wasn't many sellers there. Which is rather pants!!

Anyways i've been keeping busy as i'm now assisting Matthew Holroyd so i've been kept on my toes which is always good for me. As I get bored so easily. But i'm helping him on two shoots at the moment. Which is exciting I feel like I haven't shot in ages. Which isn't true!!

I also was speaking to Thom as well about doing another shoot on his collection and I came up with an idea of shooting it on a video camera as it's something differn't for both of us I have to say i did get the idea from these people - watch there video.

But yes so that is all I have to report at the moment..Until next time!!

Saturday, 11 July 2009


So I was just doing my usual morning twittering when I came across Boy George's twitter page and he had this hilarious video. Which i'm stil giggling about!!

So i've decided i'm gonna put it on my page for you guys to view.

Thursday, 2 July 2009


So today was a lovely day for a shoot. I managed to get a job styling the boys from the Inbetweeners which was lovely. They were so nice to work with and bless them they were wearing jeans and jumpers in todays hot weather and didn't even kick up a fuss.

I'm gonna put some images up from my shoot today and also an image of a shop that I loved the outside of! Which I found whilst driving to the locatin which was Brick Lane.

I'd like to say a big thank you Chantelle Queensbarrows for make up and hair, my two assistants Sandy and Thom for helping me out today!!

Sunday, 28 June 2009

When you get a buisness man who loves a bit of Tour de La France..

So i posted a blog yesterday about my shoot with shit hot up and coming designer Liam Hodges! We decided to shoot outside Bank Station what a lovely location to shoot. So here are some of my FAV images from the shoot.

Photography by Alexander Jordan
Model Simon
Garment by Liam Hodges
Styling by myself

Saturday, 27 June 2009

My little adventures

So today I was up in london shooting Liam Hodges garment in Bank with a fab new model Simon. Thought i'd put some pics up from me mooching around. Also put a pic of UCA putting my mediocore work on display at Private View..As my work was that shit they decided to blow up one of my shoots!! lol!!

Also after the shoot there was a band of guys that just set up and started playing the piano and stuff which was very random!! But thats London

Thursday, 18 June 2009

A great imitator!!

I was shown this video by Sandy and had to watch it like twice..This guy is amazing!!

Monday, 15 June 2009


More Nice people

Some more pictures of cool people I found today!!

Nice Looking people!!

So today i was in london looking for locatoins and I took my trusty old camera with me..And found some cool people all over london!!

Sunday, 14 June 2009


Today I found an enchanting debut called CocoRosie, the two sisters songs are dreamy yet challenging confection of found sounds folk-blues,trip-hop,girlish pop and experimental recording and production techniques. The Cassidy sisters breathy yet differn't, but equally lovely vocals circle each other in this lovely vivid dream that your put in from there music. Check out there music.

Heres a link to a video of theres -

Saturday, 13 June 2009

New Idea's

Sorry it's been a while since I've last blogged, but it's been rather hectic have got the results of my final major project and I'm not a happy bunny at all..Feel rather misguided and pissed off with amount of time and effort it put into that project. Maybe I should of done fuck all and just handed in shit maybe I would of got a better grade!?! Lets just say i'll be appealing like a mother fucker and UCA ROCHESTER - FASHION DEPARTMENT can all kiss my ass!! Use less uni!! Wish I never said fashion promotion was a good course because it isn't. It's un organised and un professionally run!! Who really lets unqualified tutors mark your work..Oh UCA does!! If your reading my blog and want to come to UCA DON'T!!

So onwards and upwards..I've got my first two paid shoots as a stylist and i'm sooo excited. I've been prepping and budgting like a queen! I can only give you a brief description as I cannot lift the lid. One is a fashion story & one is a shoot with some funny boys (Bus Wankers)!! 

I've also started re buying vintage as i'm going to be doing more stalls and starting up LOVES VINTAGE again!! So watch this space. Hopefully i'll be doing Frockmevintage in Chelsea.

But i've got a new project for this blog i'm gonna start taking my camera with me everywhere and start taking photos of people that i think are cool..As i was working down in Hastings Old Town last week and saw some really cool kids and wished i'd had my camera with me. So what this space!! 

ALSO THIS SUMMER WILL SEE..a club night from myself and Sandy..Its gonna be madness!! Dates to be confirmed but its gonna hopefully be held in the East End yea boy back to my roots!!

Also hopefully i'll be shooting a cool second year designers work from Westminster!! Thats gonna be wicked!! 


Saturday, 16 May 2009


Last night was the preview of Thom Humphris collection in Barfly. Myself and Sandy were dutifully assisting for the catwalk show and my main boys Gui and Luke managed to come display the clothes ever so wonderfully. We also got another wonderful boy from Birmingham to come walk for us Tommy.

If you wern't at Barfly last night then that is a crime..But I've put some images up to tease you on what you missed out on. tut tut!!

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Get on your dancing shoes!!

So it's getting closer and closer to deadline and i've actually managed to get all my images to print today with my research booklets. No doubt i'll look through them when they're finished and find spelling mistakes. But at this precise moment I feel that I've done my best in everything.

Lets hope the tutors do as well. So i'm currently trying to uploads some images so you lovely people can see what i've been working on.

If not..i've just done my website and its live,live,live!!

It's (Proud of myself and with the help of Mr Humphris you can achieve anything.

Also big congrats to Mr Humphris for getting into GFW and also he's got an event on this friday at Barfly in New Oxford street you guys should come down if you can. There will be a band and an electro dj and everything lol!!

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Soooo close

Soon and I won't be a student anymore..Which i'm slightly cacking myself about. I've finally finished shooting except doing a couple more for friends.

I've started making a website which is fun,not!! I've also started putting all my images together. I've nearly forgotten all the shoots I've done. As I've done 23 shoots now. I've also noticed that i'm currently becoming a hermit..Which to be honest is a nice thing at the moment. 

Today is our internal fashion show for the third years and I'm going to show the love to the 3rd show as Kostas (the beautiful womens wear designer) and Thom Humphris (who's disconnected wonders in mens wear) are showing.Plus Gui (the ever wonderful and delightful) model is coming down with Luke to just walk for Thom's collection because there fab and I love them!!

Saturday, 25 April 2009


Some shots from third year fashion designer Sibel..

Shot by Stephan Cole
Stylist moi
Model Rosie 

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Circus (Thelma goes ghetto)

Crazy Days!!

I'm really rather pants at writing stuff on my blog, for which i apologise! It's been a hectic couple of weeks involving my birthday, shooting, going to circus, shooting oh and dealing with an infected eye..

So I've got my hand in on the 18Th of may and currently I only have 5 more shoots to do. Then I've done my 20 shoots. Which is lovely to hear. I shot today in the Crypt of Rochester Cathedral which was lovely and cold!! 

On Monday i shot Mr Humphris collection in an abandoned building with the greatest model I've ever worked with Gui. Who I want to take home and mother (in a non sick way).

I got some images back from Miss Llyod yesterday which are looking fab if I don't say so myself.

This week is turning out to be a bit of a fashion designer week for me as I've going to end up with shooting three very talented third year fashion designers. All different in ideas as well.

I got my dissertation results today and for a hopeless dyslexic I'm very content with them. 

Also in other news I've managed to get a job when i finish uni which is great. I'm so happy!!

I've also been picking up the camera myself lately and taking photos, which as been nice. Always good to have more then one trick up your sleeve.

Thursday, 19 March 2009


Sorry i haven't blogged in a while, but it's been very hectic. I've gone from opening a modelling agency back to styling shoots for my final major project. As i say HECTIC!! These things happen though. So i thought i'd show some images from the shoot that i did at the rochester airport. Which went down a treat i think. So thankful that they allowed us to shoot in such an amazing location.
Want to say a big thank you to the make up artist Chontell, photographers Sebastien & Per, Models, Elena & Will..

Friday, 6 March 2009


So, this week has been pretty eventful, found out that I do not want to do styling for my final major project but instead start up my own model agency!! Oh yea!! I want to freelance style on the side. I just thought I was selling my soul to bang out 20 shoots, to a standard that I probably wouldn't be happy with. I also got a tattoo with my dad (we have a weird family) got it done by one of the best tattooist's himself..Phil Kyle (love him sooooo nice). The tattoo I got is huge got a lecture of my mother about it, saying I cannot get another one because i'll look like a gypsy (what that means i have no idea!! Mothers for you!! 

So I'm still doing some shoots that I want to do, such as  the airport shoot which is going to branch out to a both men's & women's styling..Also still gonna shoot with the man James Frew as I think that is not to be missed!! 

I spent today with the fashion man himself Mr Humphris trying to find locations for his shoot. Which will be amazing. We ended up breaking an entering into an old hospital. Scared the living pants out of me I tell you now..Then ended up breaking (i say breaking meaning jumping over fences and climbing up a hill and walking about 2 miles) into an old Fort!! It was a nice historical day out with a bit of crime!! Love it!!

Tonight i'm off to LDN baby for the weekend!! I'm sure i'll have some nice pics to put up after my inspiration weekend!! 

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

The Aftermath

So, I had my shoot on monday which was in this amazing flat in Notting Hill actually wanted to live there..But i don't think the photographers friend (who owned the flat) would of liked that!! I'm gonna put up some images of behind the scenes. Matt's (the model) first shoot and I think he did himself proud and me. It was nice to see an old school friend Holly (who did the make up) as I hadn't seen her in years.

It was funny returning the clothes that I used from the shoot..Slightly unnerving they make you feel very bad for returning clothes i tell you now!! After I returned all the suits from that shoot I went and bought about £300 worth of trainers..I wish they weren't men's and were in my size as there amazing. I've already come up with a story of why I'm returning them..My imaginary boyfriend cheated on me so I'm returning the trainers i bought him. Oh yea who would second guess that??

I did the still life shoot today with Steve which went really well, he's a little lighting genius I tell you now and fast which is amazing as I'm not feeling tip top today. Need to go see the dentist!!

Hope you enjoy some behind scenes pics..

Sunday, 22 February 2009

First Shoot & Welcome

Yo, so first of all for the people reading this that don't know me, my name is Jade and i'm in my final year at UCA Rochester..And at the moment i'm emmersed into my final major project. Which i'm specialising in mens fashion and making a menswear book. I know sounds hard..but i do like a good challenge.

So tomorrow is my first shoot which is being held in London (Notting Hill to be exact), a few things have gone wrong such as model pulled out so been rushing around for a model but thank god i know some hotties wiv the bodies..and managed to snag myself one for the shoot!! This is the first of 20!! Which has to be completed by May 18th. Exciting, but slightly shitting myself about it..

I'm also thinking about names for my book, anyone got any good names for a mens aspirational book let me know..