Saturday, 16 May 2009


Last night was the preview of Thom Humphris collection in Barfly. Myself and Sandy were dutifully assisting for the catwalk show and my main boys Gui and Luke managed to come display the clothes ever so wonderfully. We also got another wonderful boy from Birmingham to come walk for us Tommy.

If you wern't at Barfly last night then that is a crime..But I've put some images up to tease you on what you missed out on. tut tut!!

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Get on your dancing shoes!!

So it's getting closer and closer to deadline and i've actually managed to get all my images to print today with my research booklets. No doubt i'll look through them when they're finished and find spelling mistakes. But at this precise moment I feel that I've done my best in everything.

Lets hope the tutors do as well. So i'm currently trying to uploads some images so you lovely people can see what i've been working on.

If not..i've just done my website and its live,live,live!!

It's (Proud of myself and with the help of Mr Humphris you can achieve anything.

Also big congrats to Mr Humphris for getting into GFW and also he's got an event on this friday at Barfly in New Oxford street you guys should come down if you can. There will be a band and an electro dj and everything lol!!

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Soooo close

Soon and I won't be a student anymore..Which i'm slightly cacking myself about. I've finally finished shooting except doing a couple more for friends.

I've started making a website which is fun,not!! I've also started putting all my images together. I've nearly forgotten all the shoots I've done. As I've done 23 shoots now. I've also noticed that i'm currently becoming a hermit..Which to be honest is a nice thing at the moment. 

Today is our internal fashion show for the third years and I'm going to show the love to the 3rd show as Kostas (the beautiful womens wear designer) and Thom Humphris (who's disconnected wonders in mens wear) are showing.Plus Gui (the ever wonderful and delightful) model is coming down with Luke to just walk for Thom's collection because there fab and I love them!!