Thursday, 19 March 2009


Sorry i haven't blogged in a while, but it's been very hectic. I've gone from opening a modelling agency back to styling shoots for my final major project. As i say HECTIC!! These things happen though. So i thought i'd show some images from the shoot that i did at the rochester airport. Which went down a treat i think. So thankful that they allowed us to shoot in such an amazing location.
Want to say a big thank you to the make up artist Chontell, photographers Sebastien & Per, Models, Elena & Will..

Friday, 6 March 2009


So, this week has been pretty eventful, found out that I do not want to do styling for my final major project but instead start up my own model agency!! Oh yea!! I want to freelance style on the side. I just thought I was selling my soul to bang out 20 shoots, to a standard that I probably wouldn't be happy with. I also got a tattoo with my dad (we have a weird family) got it done by one of the best tattooist's himself..Phil Kyle (love him sooooo nice). The tattoo I got is huge got a lecture of my mother about it, saying I cannot get another one because i'll look like a gypsy (what that means i have no idea!! Mothers for you!! 

So I'm still doing some shoots that I want to do, such as  the airport shoot which is going to branch out to a both men's & women's styling..Also still gonna shoot with the man James Frew as I think that is not to be missed!! 

I spent today with the fashion man himself Mr Humphris trying to find locations for his shoot. Which will be amazing. We ended up breaking an entering into an old hospital. Scared the living pants out of me I tell you now..Then ended up breaking (i say breaking meaning jumping over fences and climbing up a hill and walking about 2 miles) into an old Fort!! It was a nice historical day out with a bit of crime!! Love it!!

Tonight i'm off to LDN baby for the weekend!! I'm sure i'll have some nice pics to put up after my inspiration weekend!!