Wednesday, 25 February 2009

The Aftermath

So, I had my shoot on monday which was in this amazing flat in Notting Hill actually wanted to live there..But i don't think the photographers friend (who owned the flat) would of liked that!! I'm gonna put up some images of behind the scenes. Matt's (the model) first shoot and I think he did himself proud and me. It was nice to see an old school friend Holly (who did the make up) as I hadn't seen her in years.

It was funny returning the clothes that I used from the shoot..Slightly unnerving they make you feel very bad for returning clothes i tell you now!! After I returned all the suits from that shoot I went and bought about £300 worth of trainers..I wish they weren't men's and were in my size as there amazing. I've already come up with a story of why I'm returning them..My imaginary boyfriend cheated on me so I'm returning the trainers i bought him. Oh yea who would second guess that??

I did the still life shoot today with Steve which went really well, he's a little lighting genius I tell you now and fast which is amazing as I'm not feeling tip top today. Need to go see the dentist!!

Hope you enjoy some behind scenes pics..

Sunday, 22 February 2009

First Shoot & Welcome

Yo, so first of all for the people reading this that don't know me, my name is Jade and i'm in my final year at UCA Rochester..And at the moment i'm emmersed into my final major project. Which i'm specialising in mens fashion and making a menswear book. I know sounds hard..but i do like a good challenge.

So tomorrow is my first shoot which is being held in London (Notting Hill to be exact), a few things have gone wrong such as model pulled out so been rushing around for a model but thank god i know some hotties wiv the bodies..and managed to snag myself one for the shoot!! This is the first of 20!! Which has to be completed by May 18th. Exciting, but slightly shitting myself about it..

I'm also thinking about names for my book, anyone got any good names for a mens aspirational book let me know..