Friday, 4 November 2011

Levi's Curve ID

So recently I got the chance to meet & be shot by the amazing photographer Perou for the Levi's real women campaign. Which was a huge honour for me.

For many of you that may not know, I actually only wear Levi's curve ID jeans as there only jeans that suit me (well when I say suit they make my junk look good if ya get me).

Perou was such a lovely guy to have a chin wag with, we had a giggle and then I maybe semi flirted with him while he took my picture. I did ask him to photoshop me but he said "No - were not photoshopping anyone" I was rather upset by this as this was my only chance to be transformed into a size 6 5'10 model look a like. DAMN THEM!!

But I was very glad there was some good lighting and I have borrowed the heels which are by Office off the Grazia girls who were there on shoot.

Shirt is by Volcom Jeans are by Levi's shoes are office & necklace is customade.

What ya know!!

I am trying to keep up with this blogging thing. I tend to find myself doing posts late at night though - Hmm. Least I'm trying to find the time to fill you guys in on what's going on..

So Disorder's 37th is out with the sexy Elliott aka Example as our double cover. I didn't style this shoot but worked very closely with the stylist over Elliott's look for this cover and editorial. As this is our dapper issue we wanted to change Example's look and take him out of his urban garms and into something a lil more savvy!! I was also able to meet him on the day of the shoot and he was the loveliest guy I've ever met. I've included a cheeky behind the scenes image of him from the shoot.

We also teamed up with Gio-Goi for our launch party for the 37th issue which I organised and we held it at The Relentless garage which everyone had a really good time and you can find the video of the event on

Elliott is wearing suit by H&M, Adidas trainers, shirt by Brutus.

This issue is packed full of amazing people such as Kelly Kutrone the fashion LEGEND, Misfits, Only Way is Essex & Made in Chelsea.

First I want to get onto Only Way is Essex - as I am totally addicted to that show. We really couldn't of been happier having them in this issue of Disorder. They were sooo lovely to have on set & completely down to earth and exactly what there like on TV. We had the cast members Harry (total babe), Sam (So sweet & nice), Arg (Completely down to earth & funny guy) and last but not least the beautiful Lydia (who was a little ray of sunshine & totally up for a laugh). We also had a great stylist who transformed the cast into exactly what we wanted. So thanks to Tom E (he's a star).

I managed to get my hands on to style the Made in Chelsea cast which was great. They too were a total pleasure to style and work with. We had the cast members Rosie (Very cleaver & beautiful lady) Jamie (who I might of wanted to fit in my pocket as the amount of jokes he had was amazing) Binky (Sweet and vibrant) and fashion forward Amber - who's online boutique Flash Trash I actually adore!!

The girls are all wearing Aiden Maddox dresses with a mixture of jewlry from Flash Trash & Newlook and all shoes are from Newlook and Jamie is wearing Paul Costelloe runway suit with Herring shoes.