Monday, 29 March 2010


Sorrryyyyy i'm so shitty at this blog thingy..

Lots of things have been going on recently which is a good thing. I've recently moved SAFFF London, Vauxhall to be more precise. Yes I know I'm very near Fire and RVT (I also know I should of been born a gay man DAMIT). Yup I got myself a lovely two bedroom flat which is all mine mortgage and all!!

I've been so busy with vintage and styling today is my first proper day off in months. Hence the reason why I am gracing you lot with my presence.

Soooo what have I been doing....Well...Cellardoor spring fling has come out now so mine and James Frew's shoot is in there. Also First Car is out with my Skins shoot!! Which is great!!

I also shot for American magazine Dujour which I was very excited about..I've also been asked by Disorder magazine to do a shoot. So i'm currently prepping for that..I did Zara Carpenter's Chatham girl look book shoot. Which was AMAZING!!

I'm now going into Bonafides Summer issue so I'm coming up with ideas for that as this issue I'm now styling all the artists which is cool..I've also been asked to come back and do a shoot for Cellardoors Summer issue and there is a posability for me to shoot there cover. Which I'm very excited about.

There is also a possibility that I might be shooting for a very big magazine..But I cannot tell you just yet..

Well thats all for now..adios..

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

It's all been going on!!!

So i've been rather busy lately..With shooting for Cellardoor and doing bits for Bonafide and then shooting SKINS!! After many weeks of prepping yesterday the shoot with some of the cast from Skins happened..Which I think went down a treat!! The girls were lovely!! SOOOO SWEET!!

Also another treat for me yesterday was to drive the brand new Nissan Cube (which is in the pics with Skins) around London which was really strange as it's not even out yet and people were staring at me whilst I was driving..It was a fun little drive tho..

I'm gonna put some pics up from my adventures of yesterday!! And also a sneek peak of what's to come out in Cellardoor!!

Other exciting news is that i'm moving to Vauxhall oh yea!! Got mi self a lovely little flat up there which I should be moving into in the next couple of weeks so i'm trying to back my flat up in North London which is starting to become a bit boring lol!! But I gotta think of the bigger picture..

Hope you like it!!

Tuesday, 19 January 2010


Oh my god i'm so sorry!! I've been rather shit in the past couple of months with updating my blog. But I have found time to set down and get the old girl (laptop) out to update ya'll on whats been going on..

First of all HAPPY NEW YEAR chickens!! Got any good new years resolutions??

Second of all I'd like to say Bonafide magazine is out now..I think you should all BUY IT!! It's only £4 and thats a deal a steal if ever I did say so myself! Here's the website just in case you don't know it!! This issue has come out so amazingly well as we've changed our format and everything!! In which I don't know if I've mentioned i've managed to gain the lovely title of Fashion Editor of this cult classic of a mag!!

Soo..what else has been going on..Oh I shot for lovely online magazine Cellardoor in which i'll post up some sneeky pics of within this blog!! I feel that this is the best shoot i've ever done in my whole entire life!! In which I used an amazingly talented women who designs and makes the most beautiful hats called Chatham Girl ( I also managed to shoot an Emma Bell piece which was GREAT!!
The shoot was shot by the lovely Mr James Frew!! Love him!! Even tho he's Scottish!!

I've managed to nab myself a shoot with part of the cast of Skins for a front cover and little editorial in a mag which is amazing so happy about that!! That's gonna be happening within the next couple of weeks!!

Oh best of all I've got my self a lovely assistant..he's amazing..I don't know what I do with out him (well other then doing all my returns)..You know who you are you lovely boy!!

Hmm what else..Oh there might be a shoot in pipe line for Disorder magazine which i'm tres excited but can't talk about it much as its rather hush hush!!

I've become addicted to twitter if you wish to follow my random tweets my username is JadeStavri

Also how amazing/annyoing was that snow!! Thought i'd show you pic of what it was like up my endz in LDN!! It was DEEP!!

I was also on the train after a meeting and saw this woman in which I thought fuck it i'll take a picture as I think it should be put as an anti drinking thing lol!

So yea I think thats it for now..I promise I will write again soon!!

Adios xxx