Monday, 27 February 2012

Disorder, Disorder, Disorder we're ALL ABOUT THE DISORDER!!

So this post is going to be about Disorder and our last issue which was based on Americana we had Cher on our front cover which is shot by Elliott (our photography editor) with all issues being the fashion editor everything fashion comes through myself. So from putting the get the look page to going along to shoots to arranging photographers stylists. This edition i got the great opportunity to work with an amazing photographer called Claire Pepper to do a 6 page editorial based on generlisations of American women. Anyone that knows me knows I don't like to do to serious shoot (the matter might be serious but I like to make shoot days as fun as possible so people are happy and want to do great work)..I had a great team working on the shoot and I had my uber major assistant Josh Abbot on set with me (it was basically like a mothers meeting) and we had THE most amazing model who is called Anya @ Storm!! She was such a sport and actually was very good as the characters. So the shoot was called Blonde Ambition and in the image on this page Anya is wearing Dress,Handbang, Jacket & Belt by Jasper Garvida handcuffs are by Ann Summers sunglasses are by Kirk Orignals.

Make up was by Holly Johnson using Krylon & Hair is by Margorlda Marinha using MOP

Other brands that were used within the shoot include Superdry,Punky Allsorts, Vans, Jeremy Scott for Addidas, ASH & Asos to name a few!!

I hope you guys like the shoot!!

Leddra Chapman!!

So as I said in my earlier post I feel like I need to do three posts as I've been doing so much lately!! I want to dedicate this blog post to Leddra Chapman a beautiful upcoming singer who I had the pleasure to style two years ago for an editorial & front cover shoot for Cellardoor magazine. Which was shot with the wonderful Rikard Osterlund (he's a gem)..

Well as fate tells it I get a phone call from Leddra asking to have a meeting..Anyways translates to me & her coming together for me to be her stylist. I love styling Leddra she is such a pleasure to work with & has incredible banter. As she has up coming music video's and shoots & a tour coming up.

For all of you that don't know Leddra you really should google her and find out what she's about!! So the first thing I styled her for was her gig at Pure London in conjunction with Quicksilver.

Leddra is wearing on stage Quicksilver top & shorts tights by topshop, knee high socks by Scarlet Rage Vintage boots by Simmi & peace headband by Luna Moon

Second outfit Leddra is wearing is for & upcoming music video she did with Redzz she is wearing Shirt,trousers & leather jacket all by Three Floors Fashion label, ring by Scarlet Rage Vintage.

Big things to still come from Leddra so watch this space!!

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Catch up, catch up!! Jasper Garvida!!

So i feel like I need to do three blog posts at the moment as there has been alot of differn't things been going on so I think I'm going to dedicate this one to the amazing designer Jasper Garvida.

I was privalleged to be asked to style his London Fashion Week show for the second season. We again had it in the elegant Bloomsbury Hotel. Second season in and I truly feel like the Garvida team are like family to me and I do feel very honoured to be involved in anything Jasper does as he is a genius!!

So this season's collection (A/W12) was very close to my heart as it based around 1940's pieces and legendanry woman Marlene Dietrich which when I heard that I was SOLD! Didn't even need to look at the pieces I was already in love!

I also love that when I work with Jasper he lets me really get involved in coming up with hair and make up and styling ideas for the show. We had the wonderful Herman Ho again this season doing hair (whom I love) and also AOFM doing all the make up. For the make up ideas I wanted to keep in tone with Jaspers inspirations and still keep it luxerious. For make up I wanted the focus to be purely on the eyes & having a really strong almost stern eye yet with the skin keeping it fresh and almost like the girls were sweating as they were our REVOLUTIONAIRIES! For hair Jasper had the great idea of using the old helmets with the horse hair and flipping it to make something totally differn't.

So here are some personal images of behind the scenes of the process that goes into producing that show that hopefully you all saw. From Run through to make up test to choosing outfits with models to backstage.

I'd like to say a big thank you to Yukon, Justin, Jasper, my assistant (Jess), Carolina, my backstage dressers & all of Jaspers design team.

All accessories (socks, necklaces, earrings, belts, braclets, tights) are all from Scarlet Rage Vintage.