Friday, 4 November 2011

Levi's Curve ID

So recently I got the chance to meet & be shot by the amazing photographer Perou for the Levi's real women campaign. Which was a huge honour for me.

For many of you that may not know, I actually only wear Levi's curve ID jeans as there only jeans that suit me (well when I say suit they make my junk look good if ya get me).

Perou was such a lovely guy to have a chin wag with, we had a giggle and then I maybe semi flirted with him while he took my picture. I did ask him to photoshop me but he said "No - were not photoshopping anyone" I was rather upset by this as this was my only chance to be transformed into a size 6 5'10 model look a like. DAMN THEM!!

But I was very glad there was some good lighting and I have borrowed the heels which are by Office off the Grazia girls who were there on shoot.

Shirt is by Volcom Jeans are by Levi's shoes are office & necklace is customade.

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